Why Fitface?
Because it is the only facial exercise technique that is "hand free".
No over stretching or tugging on the skin.

Fitface is packed with
no-nonsense cutting edge advice
  • Over 300 pages
  • more than 70 photos & images
  • 4 different exercise programs
  • 60 step-by-step face exercises
Fitface shows you how to
 look ten years younger
how to get a fit face naturally

Fitface, face and neck exercises
are designed to suit everyone from
Fitface basic, beginner, intermediate to
advanced routines 

New exercises
that take less than
10 minutes a day

Product Details 
New information
New sections
New exercises for a
new you
available everywhere
download on your iphone
or in print at Amazon.com

Botox drug dependency

Botox bingers' obsession with 'freeze-frame' faces is leading worrying new 'wrinklerexia' trend

The Harley Medical Group, which is the UK's largest cosmetic surgery provider, says that its surgeons are trying to curb the use of the anti-wrinkle product by recommending smaller doses of Botox and has even turned away patients who demanded injections they don't need


Fitface available
in paperback or download 
itunes books
itunes even in Australia!

Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk 

Waterstones (UK)

W.H. Smiths UK

Barnes and Noble USA

It's simple:
Facial muscles and ligaments
anchor your skin to your face
- if they are weak your face skin sags.
Collagen supports your skin,
 if that's depleted your face will not be firm,
toned and youthful.
Exercise builds collagen 
its that simple!
Fitface today for

tighter, firmer, and toned face

Botox can GIVE you wrinkles?!

I thought Botox was supposed to remove wrinkles, apparently not! "According to a piece in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology cited in the Daily Mail, one of the least-known side effects of using lots of Botox is that it actually creates MORE wrinkles."


Before ever considering Botox
try Fitface 
to banish wrinkles


The only hands free non  invasive routine
to "workout your face " 

Fitface is the fun way to generate a healthy glowing toned complexion and a bright animated face without the cost, addiction or pain of Botox!

Stop wrinkles from ever forming  

which is simply skin pulled into grooves because of  one or more over dominant strong tight muscles because the others are lazy

Release, relax your tensed up face

workout the all the muscles to unwind the whole face to repair, regrow and produce lift

 Add volume and definition
(not with, cow, pig or 
human natural or synthetic collagen) alternatively 
workout to stimulate collagen production

Fitface is THE ONLY "Hands Free"
method available! 
Therefore there is no possibility of over stretching of elastin or collagen facial fibres.

The choice is yours:

spend a few minutes every other day facial toning
prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate your face
gain a glowing complexion
treat the surface only - with a cream
 be invasive - inject something
 under unhealthy under healthy skin
 be radical - cut away and pull back healthy skin 

Stop wasting money on expensive creams
(over-the-counter creams they are topical)
and cannot penetrate deeply enough to the improve muscles tone 
or become dependent on expensive  injections designed to penetrate (by use of a needle) which don't last and in the long term give you more wrinkles or risk the results, costs and pain from surgery.

Start Fitface Today

You know it makes sense!

Build strong firm muscles 
to hold your skin firmly in place 
- only exercise will prevent your face from
sagging for a lifetime. 

Surgery only lasts 7 years!
Fitface lasts a lifetime

Fitface recommends skincare products range

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